Ziko The Brave

Ziko The Brave

This a very special tribute in memory of Zakaria (Ziko) Attal, who Aidan had the pleasure of meeting at Mott Children's Hospital. Aidan and Ziko bonded over their love of Lego and animals… including Ziko’s pet pigeon 🕊️🤍

Ziko was such a bright light and it was clear from meeting him that he knew more about the meaning of life than most kids his age.


Words from the family:

Zakaria had the rarest type of pancreatic cancer, pancreatic acinar cell carcinoma. 1 in 2.2 million kids will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and Ziko wanted to spread awareness about it.

Ziko loved penguins and his most special stuffy was Petey the penguin who went everywhere with him, to every appointment, scan, and treatment.

Ziko was a child who held a very special light about him. Even in his most difficult times, he still cared more about everyone else around him. He was selfless. Even making comments that he is thankful it’s him who had the cancer and not one of his brothers. He caught the hearts of anyone who met him. He was smart and loving. The world can learn a lesson from Ziko. Even in his last days he lived life to the fullest. He spent every moment with his family and made sure it was full of meaning. He loved deeply and he never let depression or hopelessness get to him. He was patient through his sickness. He never complained much. He always found a reason to be happy and positive.

Everyone can take a little bit of that light and spread it. And make the world a bit of a better place like #ZikoTheBrave.


Please remember Ziko & his courage in the face of cancer. And please consider donating to his family’s gofundme to help them out this Christmas.

We will never forget you, Ziko. Your bravery will live on in our hearts forever💙



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