Aidan Hutchinson and Owen Martin at Mott Children's Hospital

Owen Strong

Aidan met Owen at Mott Children's Hospital this summer shortly after Owen was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. Aidan learned that just days before Owen’s diagnosis he helped a girl on the school bus who was having an asthma attack and saved her life… talk about HERO 🥹

A note about Owen:

16-year-old Owen was diagnosed with AML Leukemia on June 5, 2023. Owen is a very humble teen and cares so much about other people. His older brother has Fragile X Syndrome, and Owen has spent his life helping to care and teach him—he even talks about being a counselor one day. He loves music and sports. Sports Center stays on all the time, and he could recite stats about Detroit teams all day long.

Please keep Owen in your prayers & consider donating to his gofundme 💙

Aidan Hutchinson walking into Ceasers Superdome for Detroit Lions vs New Orleans Saints game Picture of Aidan Hutchinson's water jug honoring Owen Martin from Mott Children's hospital before the Detroit Lions vs New Orleans Saints Game
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