Meet Team Hutch

Meet the Hutchinson family, founders of the House of Hutch, a dynamic brand and nonprofit dedicated to spreading positivity and making a difference. At the heart of their endeavors is Aidan Hutchinson, whose journey fuels the brand's spirit. Alongside him are his family members, mom Melissa, dad Chris, and sisters Mia and Aria, each contributing their unique talents to the vision.

In addition to being the official merchandise of Aidan with gameday apparel specific to the Detroit Lions, the central tenets of the Hutchinson family's philosophy is manifestation and holistic living. They believe in the power of positive thinking and living authentically. The mantras printed on their lifestyle apparel serve as an intentional platform to share their deeply held beliefs, encouraging people to embody those mantras they relate to and truly “become what you wear.”Their journey extends beyond apparel; Hutch Heroes, their nonprofit, embodies their commitment to community and service.

Through this charity, Aidan's visits kids who battle life-threatening illness making frequent visits to Mott Children’s Hospital. With each endeavor, the Hutchinson's exemplify a holistic approach to life, where faith, purpose, and action intertwine to create lasting change.