Aidan Hutchinson and Caleb Post after Detroit Lions vs Carolina Panthers game

Team Caleb

The beautiful, sunny victory in Tampa against the Bucs was dedicated to Caleb Post, a bright, funny, and brave soul who has been battling a brain tumor since he was a baby.

Aidan & Caleb met last week at the Crucial Catch Intercept Cancer game and bonded about video games like Rocket League. For those who don’t know, Aidan streams Rocket League on Twitch… to which Caleb whispered to Aidan, “You suck.” nothing like being razzed by a 10-year-old video game wizard!

A note from Caleb’s family:

Caleb is an amazing fun loving ten year old. He was diagnosed with an Ependymoma brain tumor at 4 months old. After surgery at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, he underwent five hard rounds of chemotherapy, only to have the tumor come back at his first birthday. After a second surgery, he then underwent Proton beam radiation in Chicago. Monthly check ups and MRI’s were clear until Caleb turned 7 and the Ependymoma came back in a different spot. After his third brain tumor surgery he and his family sought radiation treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Caleb enjoyed being a kid, riding a bike, swimming, playing soccer, and playing with friends. We were devastated to learn the tumor came back a fourth time this year and surgery was unable to remove the whole tumor. The family is seeking clinical trials as there are no standard of care options left for Caleb. His condition is worsening , he can no longer ride a bike, swim, or play soccer. Caleb and his family are making the most of their time together making memories and living in the moment. In Caleb’s words, “Cancer sucks, but it can’t take away my love of playing video games, Pokemon, music, movies, traveling, and my family!”

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