Aidan Huchinson and Harley Rockind after Detroit Lions vs Carolina Panthers game

Ride With Harley

Aidan dedicated week 5 to Harley Rockind, a 22-year-old battling a brain tumor. Harley is an amazing soul and it was so special to connect with him after the Crucial Catch Intercept Cancer game.

A note from the family:

“In December, 2022, while finishing up his senior year in college, Harley was diagnosed and hospitalized with a tumor. He remained at Mott’s Children’s Hospital for over 60 days, 4 surgeries on his brain and 30 days of radiation treatment. He is battling an insidious disease but throughout it all he has laughed, never complained, smiled and continued to be the humorous, witty, brilliant young man that he is.

Harley’s plan was to start law school in the fall but his battle with his tumor has interfered with those plans. In the meantime, his infectious smile, quick wit, charm and intelligence remind everyone of his potential and his gifts. Within seconds of meeting him, you fall in love with him.

After 65 days in the hospital, during which he wasn’t walking, talking or moving on his own, his parents heard his voice, watched him move and observed him walk again. Those were just some of the gifts that Harley gave to his loved ones.

Despite his condition and the impacts that they have had on him and continue to do so to this day, he has remained and kept in amazing spirits. He is an angel.

Among all of the athletes and celebrities that have reached out to him to encourage him, one made a huge impact — Aidan. Harley is 22 years old, not much younger than Aidan. He lit up when he spoke with Aidan about football, the Lions and how Aidan complimented him on his perfectly coiffed hair shortly before bedtime. Harley’s motto is “I’m down” and “I’m trying” whenever he is asked to try something … (except pickles).

Harley is blessed to be treated at Mott Children's Hospital by Dr. Carl Koschmann and thanks the Koschmann Lab for all of their incredible work and support in fighting childhood tumors like his.”

Please keep Harley & his family in your prayers.
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