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Our NFL Draft Hero: Pryce

Our NFL Draft Hero: Pryce

The 2024 NFL Draft is in full swing here in Detroit. It's been incredible to see the city thrive amidst the bustling celebrations and massive crowds of football fans. Amidst all the fun and chaos, we felt called to tell you the story of a boy with an electric personality and the dance moves to boot.
We met 8-year-old Pryce at the hospital early this year and had so much fun with him. Aidan and Pryce talked about Legos, video games, all things Nintendo, football, and even hit "The Griddy" together.
The jury's still out on whether Pryce or Aidan would win in a dance competition.
On draft night, it was important for Aidan to share a huge part of what makes the House of Hutch, well, the House of Hutch. And how better to do that than by introducing another incredible hero?! We are so blessed to have met Pryce and have been touched by his story.

Pryce's story:

Pryce was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma on August 10, 2018 when he was just 3 years old. He has been in treatment since then and has relapsed 7 times. Pryce does a week long inpatient treatment every month.

Pryce is so much fun. He’s always doing something, even if he’s confined to a hospital bed. One of his favorite things to do is build Legos. We used to keep track of how many sets he’d built, but stopped after 1,000.

Pryce also loves music. You can usually find him dancing whenever a song is playing. Pryce showed Aidan some of his dance move at Mott when he visited.


This community of amazing people is so special and we are forever grateful for your support of our heroes. Please keep Pryce in your prayers. You can follow his journey on Instagram at @PrayersforPryce.
Much love,
Team Hutch
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