Aidan Hutchinson and Carmen at Mott Children's Hospital

Mighty Carmen

Aidan dedicated week four to little Carmen, who was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma when she was two. He met Carmen at @mottchildren hospital and her beautiful light & story touched him.

Carmen and her family repeat affirmations before all of her treatments… “Carmen’s smart, Carmen’s beautiful, Carmen’s brave, Carmen’s strong!” 🥹

A note from the family:

Carmen just celebrated her third birthday at @mottchildren hospital because it was during her second bone marrow transplant. She loves to paint, watch Moana on repeat, she loves Halloween and helping mommy take care of her baby sister. And of course, she loves to watch the Michigan Wolverines, Detroit Lions and Tigers!

Along with her self-affirmations, once she completes anything tough or easy she follows with an “I did it!” 🥰

Keeping tiny but mighty Carmen in our prayers 🤍 she’s so strong! 
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