James the Aidan Hutchinson House of Hutch Hero of the Week with Roary from the Detroit Lions

James the Courageous

Hero of the Week

James Phillips

Aidan dedicated the DET vs MIN game to James Phillips, a boy who exemplifies the greatest courage in the face of hardship.


James was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at age 12 after a few months of unexplained arm pain. He is a super active kid who loves workouts, sports, fishing, and the outdoors, so one of the hardest parts of treatment has been the activity restrictions and the cautious “no more (___)” statements from doctors.
Since diagnosis, James has continually answered the hard with humor and a strength that has his family in awe and sometimes wondering if we should be laughing so much. One thing we say it means to be Team Phillips is “We do hard things with great courage,” and James is basically team captain this season.

Please pray for James as he battles on & consider donating to his GoFundMe linked below ❤️
Thank you all for your gracious support for our heroes. It means so much to us and to their families.
Have a safe & blessed holiday season!
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